Artificial Intelligence Based Satellite

China Will Launch Artificial Intelligence Based Satellite for Broadcasting

Weather Broadcasting Via AI Based Satellite Launched by China

Artificial Intelligence Based Satellite

All of us know that China is an emerging country in the technology field. Most of the famous technology companies are chines Like Huawei etc. Recently, China is constructing a satellite that has Artificial Intelligence power. Now, they are planning to launch that satellite. This satellite will work as a broadcaster.

The Chinese ambassador intends to use that satellite for environment monitoring, traffic control. Further, Artificial Intelligence will help image processing. So, It will improve image quality. So, the low-quality pictures will not send to the earth.

The Project manager of this project Wang Long said: “This Satellite will work independently and decides itself that which received data will be sent to earth and analyze that which data should carry for next step”. Also, he tells the newspaper about the cost of the satellite which is almost 25 million yuan. This project is in the development phase under the private Chinese company.

These satellites will send to space with Julan rockets. Chinese aerospace technology is fast growing. Recently, they landed the spacecraft on the far side of the moon successfully. Furthermore, they are planning to launch another spacecraft on mars. Hence, AI is included in almost every field.

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