Coca-Cola including Artificial Intelligence

Coca-Cola including Artificial Intelligence to Remain at Top #1

Coca-Cola including Artificial Intelligence to Keep the Top Position

Coca-Cola including Artificial Intelligence

Coca-Cola is a famous and multi-national company for soft drinks. It serves more than 1.9 billion drinks daily. There are more than 500 flavors of its drinks like a sprite, coke, etc. Big data and AI is the most common and important part of any business. Coca-Cola products are sold in more than 200 countries.

All these countries have local differences. Like, Flavours and others. So, you need to compete with the competitors by keeping the preferences according to the local taste. Therefore, to remain on the top they need to collect all the data from different countries. Then they need to analyze that data to understand the local taste and preferences.

To understand how peoples are discussing their products on social media. There are more than 200 social centers. Which collect data from different platforms and then analyzes to enforce the sales of products. To engage the peoples with the company, they create posters and advertisements manually. But now, the company is interested to develop such an automated system that will create the social media contents and advertisements.

Moreover, AI will use to analyze when and how their customers like to consume their products. Another, application of AI is to make sure for giving the rewards scheme.

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